Leveraging EEG for Antidepressant Prediction (LEAP) study

The Leveraging EEG for Antidepressant Prediction, or LEAP study, uses EEG to find the best treatment for you. EEG passively measures the natural electrical activity of the brain, identifying your particular brain activation patterns. These patterns can help us identify which treatments will work best for you.


We are seeking participants to be randomized to one of two FDA-approved medications for depression in order to help us validate our brain measurement (biomarker) that uses EEG to predict whose depression will improve with these treatments.


Our goal is to submit this biomarker to the FDA in the near future, so that the standard of care in mental health uses a person's brain circuitry measured with EEG to determine the best treatment for that individual. 

Compensation for this study includes:


  • Reimbursement for the time spent for each research visit

  • Access to your genetic information

  • A wearable device to take with you once the study is complete

To participate, please click here